Design Concept / Development and Coordination

Barbara Martin, Managing Director

Personally handles all design development with all customers.

We are very fortunate to have superb staff who have worked together for many years.

Patternmaking, 1st Samples, Grading


Our highly skilled knitting machine mechanics have a combined 50 years worth of experience specifically on our Heritage mechanical RTR machines. They also have the skill and ability to tool parts on site.


All our drawthreading and cutting is done in house


All of our garments are sewn in house by our skilled team of sewing machine operatives, including lace attaching and flatlocking.


We have a policy of 100% inspection at the end of the manufacturing process, together with examination at all stages of production.

Pressing / Packing

Once examined, garments are pressed on our steam table before they are folded and packed for shipping.

Development and Lead Times

Lead times must always take both development and production into consideration. A full timetable always needs to be reviewed at inception of any new project.

It is advisable to start development a full season ahead of desired production, if there is time to do so.

Production lead time depends largely on yarn being ordered, total quantity, knitting time, any special treatments, such as garment dyeing, embroidery etc, trims and time of year.